Towing Your Own Car? Here Are A Few 4 Tips To Remember
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Towing Your Own Car? Here Are A Few 4 Tips To Remember

Moving is never easy. It can be emotionally challenging plus there are lots of things you need to fix and prepare. You need to physically move all your stuff or those that you want to take with you. Your things can certainly fit in moving boxes and into a moving truck or van but what about your car? Plus, if you have two cars, you can’t drive them both at the same time to get them to where you’re moving to.

Your best bet is to move your vehicle or vehicles by contacting towing companies. They are experts when it comes to towing either for a short distance or a long one. However, some still choose the alternative of towing their own vehicle by using a dolly. In this way, you’ll be towing your own vehicle at your own risk.

Even if this is a cheaper alternative, your car may get damaged in the process if you don’t know how to properly do it. That could cost you more due to repairs. If you really prefer to tow your own vehicle, here are a few tips to help you prevent possibly damaging your vehicle:

Tip #1: Use the proper type of trailer and hitch.

Towing your car doesn’t mean you just have to attach it to a towing vehicle. You need to make sure that you use the proper type of trailer and hitch so that you can securely attach your vehicle. On that note, you also have to make sure that the towing vehicle you use is fully capable of towing your vehicle for long distances.

When towing your car, you can either have all the wheels lifted off the ground or have the back two wheels touching the ground. Different types of trailers will dictate that. Also, you have to make sure that your car is compatible with the towing method you choose.

Tip #2: Remove all your belongings inside the vehicle to be towed.

You might be thinking that your car can double as a storage container for all the things you need to move but doing that is a bad idea. You should not do this and avoid any extra weight on your car so that the trailer can handle your vehicle efficiently.

Tip #3: Use heavy-duty straps and chains.

If you are using chains and straps to attach your vehicle, make sure you use heavy-duty ones so they don’t snap along the way. Also, make sure that they are properly secured. Additionally, you should also inspect your car every time you stop at the gas station or to rest to make sure it is still secure.

Tip #4: Drive below your usual speed.

Driving your car and driving a vehicle that tows a car are two very different things. While towing your vehicle, you should drive slower than usual. These slower speeds allow you to have better control over what you are towing.

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