Tips To Transporting Your Motorcycle On Your Own
Young man securing two sports dirt bikes to the bed of the pickup truck using blue safety belt or tie-down straps, in the residential setting.

Tips To Transporting Your Motorcycle On Your Own

Searching for the motorcycle of your dreams can take a lot of work. After researching for hours on which motorcycle you’d like, you’d be spending countless more trying to score one. It can take days, months or even years to finally make the purchase. However, it’s possible that your dream motorcycle is states away from where you are. So what are you going to do?

With online shopping, it is easier for us to find exactly what we want even though they are very far away. It just takes a little bit more effort to get it to us. When it comes to motorcycles, you can choose to have it transported or to pick it up yourself. If you end up choosing to move your motorcycle on your own, there are a few considerations you should think of and make. Here are a few tips to moving your motorcycle on your own:

Carefully Select The Tie-Downs

One of the main factors that could affect the condition of your vehicle after you transport it is the tie-downs that you use. To lessen the risk of damaging the motorcycle, you should always choose high-quality cam buckles or rachets.

Don’t just purchase any tie-down from any store, it is best to get them from stores that specialize in motorcycle transport. Take a look at the manufacturer’s rating and make sure they match your motorcycle. To further decrease the risk of damaging your motorcycle, use straps that have a soft loop that connects to the bike.

Don’t Just Use Any Truck

Motorcycles will surely fit a lot of trucks but that doesn’t mean you should use just any truck available. The truck you use should be properly fitted with the equipment needed to secure the motorcycle. The truck has to have hooks, factory-installed hooks are best for they are already part of the structural body of the truck.

Aside from the hooks, a ramp should also be secured to the truck so that you can properly load the motorcycle in it. Loading the motorcycle on a truck seems simple and easy but there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Ask For Help

Even if you are going to transport your motorcycle alone, it is best to ask for help from the people around you. There are people who are able to load and unload their motorcycle alone but that’s a risk you shouldn’t take. It is best to have at least one person on each side of the ramp then another person at the back of the bike. In that way, the motorcycle is easier to balance into the ramp.

Check Your Motorcycle And Vehicle

Before you head home, it is best to check your truck to avoid any car trouble. Check your tires, brakes, fluids, and other essential parts of the vehicle. Additionally, you should also check again if your motorcycle is properly positioned and tied down. Whenever you stop for a short break on your trip, you should also stop to check that your bike is secure.

Final Words

As you can see, it takes a lot of work, the right tool, and equipment to safely move your motorcycle. You may not have some of them and would need to purchase. Plus, you’d also be spending on your fuel and food while on the trip. Factor in all your expenses for the trip and compare whether it’s really worth it or would you save more when you have it transported.

Additionally, a reliable towing company can bring your motorcycle for you safely so you won’t have to break a sweat. They are also experienced so they will know how to properly secure your motorcycle. In that way, you’ll have to worry less about damaging your precious bike in the process.

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