Protecting Yourself From Towing Service Scams
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Protecting Yourself From Towing Service Scams

The best way to save on your next tow is to avoid getting scammed. There are different forms of towing service scams however, all of them affect the victim in the same way. It cost a lot. They end up paying more than they really should have. Although some of these scammers get caught, there are still some out there doing their bad deeds. The best way to protect yourself from them is to be informed.

How Do These Scams Work

With these scams, the tow truck driver is paid an amount as a referral fee. They are usually paid by car repair shops so they can bring the damaged vehicles there. Some would call these tow truck drivers “chasers”.

Depending on the municipal bylaws, it is possible that the truck driver that recommends repair shops without car owners asking them is already doing something illegal. When the cars are brought to the repair shops, they owners would have to pay a hefty fee. The shop owners are able to pay the tow truck drivers who bring such cars to them because they charge a lot from the car owners.

The tow truck drivers who usually do this work for the repair shops. Most of the time, insurance companies do not work with such repair shops. In some cases, when you decide to bring your car to another shop after it has been brought to the recommended shop, you would still be required to pay a hefty fee for the towing service, storage as well as administrative fees. They won’t release your car unless you pay for them and the total bill could rack up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars that your insurer might not cover.

What Should You Do?

To avoid such scams, it is best to make sure that you are really working with a reliable towing service provider. Don’t just work with someone who happens to pass by. Chances are it’s not a coincidence and they are really looking for someone to prey on.

Selecting a towing company to work with should be done even before you have an emergency. This gives you ample time to do the research you need. Check if the companies are associated with any car association or roadside assistance group.

Also, before signing anything, make sure that you read it thoroughly. It is also always best to know who your insurers work with so that you won’t have to pay for any of the fees and be covered through your car insurance policy.

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